I was born in Paris in 1968 and grew up in Switzerland. After studying cinema at the ECAL in Lausanne, I moved back to Paris and later to Berlin for a few years while working as camera assistant. As cinematographer I have shot over fifteen fiction films and twenty feature documentaries as well as numerous TV movies. I regularly teach in film schools and enjoy the exchange with the students. In  January 2023, I took on the presidency of Swiss Cinematographers Society SCS. I live in Zurich and love working all over the world.

I often dream that I am shooting in an incredibly complex and amazing setting, wondering how I found myself in this eerie situation. But somehow it eventually all works out, the shots are amazing and everyone is exhausted but happy. In reality the challenges are not that surreal, yet every project is a dive in another world.  It may be a small documentary or a large fiction, around the block or in an exotic place: it is always about telling someone's story in the best possible way and finding images that will allow us to feel the emotions of the characters. I enjoy my movie dreams but I love making real movies - aren't they all dreams that want to be captured ?