Die Frau mit den 5 Elefanten

THE WOMAN WITH THE 5 ELEFANTS is a feature-length documentary directed by Vadim Jendreyko, co-produced by Mira Film and Filmtank. As often in documentaries, for scheduling reasons we had to split the job and Niels Bolbrinker was the other cinematographer on the film.

Awards and Nominations:  Best Cinematography RIDM Montreal 2010  Nomination Deutscher Kamerapreis 2010  Nomination European Film Prize 2010       Swiss Film Awards 2010: Best Documentary      Nomination German Film Prize      Nomination Grimme Preis      Awards in Leipzig, Nyon, Washington, Yamagata, Minneapolis, Silverdocs, Trieste, Taiwan a.o.

This scene as an example of a nice challenge: let's shoot 360 degrees and not interrupt our protagonist, so that she can talk and move freely. So we hid some lights, changed a bulb, but we did not expect that she would suddenly decide to go upstairs...