Where are you, João Gilberto ?

Where are You, João Gilberto? is a feature-length documentary directed by Georges Gachot. It was co-produced by Gachot Films, Idéale Audience and Neos Film with Bayerischer Rundfunk, SRF and Arte.

We shot this music documentary, which is also a detective story, in Rio de Janeiro and in Diamantina. The camera follows the director as he becomes in a way the double of journalist Marc Fisher, who had before us been looking for Joāo Gilberto and for the roots of Bossa Nova.

Awards:  Best Documentary Essay, FIFA Montreal 2019 / Student Jury Award F.A.M.E Paris 2019 / Prix du Jury Musical Ecran Bordeaux 2019 / Best Documentary in Music and Dance, Master of Art Festival, Sofia 2020.