Töte Mich

Töte Mich is a coproduction between Wüste Film, Hugofilm and Ciné Sud, directed by Emily Atef. We shot the movie in super-35mm in France and Germany in 2011.

One of the decisions we made with Emily was to have significant changes in the color palette as the story and the characters evolve. We avoided the color blue for the first part of the movie: no blue skies, nothing blue in the costumes and set decoration. This way, as the characters arrive in France and find some inner peace, the blue of the skies and of the sea have a strong impact, suddenly this beautiful space opens up in tones that were missing before. For night lighting as well, the street lamps change from green-white neon in the first part to warm sodium colors for the second part of the movie. Finding ways to express emotions lived by the characters through the images and their dramaturgy is certainly one of the most important tasks of a cinematographer.